Petuaria ReVisited

PETUARIA was the Roman name given to Brough on Humber in East Yorkshire.


This page has been set up for those to who live within the community, and have a strong passion for the historic past of Petuaria and all things Roman locally.


Elloughton cum Brough Playing Field Association and its community have aspirations of bringing back to life the ancient Roman settlement of Petuaria, firstly in a physical sense and then in an “Augmented Reality” sense with the help of Dr Peter Halkon and his team at Hull University.


We invite you to post pictures of your finds upon our Facebook page, and any stories you may have.

We welcome all schools and hope they will use this page for a source of info for the national curriculum.


We do not encourage anyone to dig/excavate or search for artefacts within the Historic England scheduled protected area.